modular constructions


These constructions are precariously balanced with hinged, collapsible pieces. They have the possibility of changing each time the work is installed and the flexibility of the structure allows playful responses to the gallery space. The work carries a sense of the impermanence of urban environments and the changing nature of the spaces we inhabit. It reflects the continual shifts in cities through subtle modifications – new signage, fresh paintwork – and the more dramatic interventions of construction and demolition.

The process and materials used in my work embrace unpredictability and change. Materials make playful contradictions, with battered wood painted pristine grey, pre-used wood is recycled into repetitive forms and an apparently systematic approach is belied by the imprecision and flaws of the hand-made. Existing paint on reclaimed materials influences choices of new colours as the work develops. These found elements become part of the visual dialogue.




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