I am an artist with an interest in town planning and architectural space. I make work about developments, cities and urban space, looking at how design, history and interventions of residents and employees contribute to a sense of place. My work is multifaceted and includes presentation of archive material, records of conversations with people and photography. The images and forms discovered when researching each project have influenced my creative responses in sculptures, wall paintings and installations. I am interested in transition, change, and improvised interventions in urban spaces and many of my works have a sense of fragile balance or make-shift construction.┬áMany of my projects, particularly those focusing on 60′s and 70′s architecture, have been collaborations with Susanna Round as barbaresi & round.

My interest in public space has recently set me off on a parallel path which straddles my Fine Art practice and interest in design. I am now making work for public spaces. These are often more functional in nature, reflecting the history and identity of a place, providing a visual landmark in an architectural space, or a practical use e.g. bespoke pieces of civic furniture. These projects have given me an opportunity to work alongside communities and actively participate in the way the identity of an urban space evolves.

Community engagement is core to my practice,  taking the form of discussions and reminiscence, creative activities and partnerships.

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